What to write on Your Dating Profile

Sunday, February 28th, 2016

woman computerAre you unsure about what to write on your dating profile? Here are some tips for what to write to get you started.

How would you describe yourself in one sentence?

The first sentence of your profile might be all that someone sees, so it should act as a summary of who you are.

For example, ‘Horse obsessed nurse with a devilish sense of humour and an infectious laugh” tells you a lot more about someone than ‘I’m new to this, so I don’t know what to write’.

Why you join this dating website?

We’re always suprised by the number of people who join Muddy Matches and fail to mention anything to do with the countryside. If you’re on a countryside dating website, it’s likely that you fall into one of three categories; you live in the countryside, you grew up in the countryside, or you like spending time in the countryside.

Tell people what makes you country-minded, whether that’s living 2 miles from your nearest neighbour, owning a Landrover that has seen more than its fair share of mud or having spent your formative years at your local YFC.

What makes you happy?

Sharing information about your interests will allow people to find out what they have in common with you, so it’s important to be specific.

So, instead of saying “I enjoy reading”, say “I love reading, especially Gothic novels and travel biographies”.

What are your hopes and dreams?

What are your goals? If you want to learn a new skill, or hobby, add it to your profile and you may find someone who wants to learn it with you, or someone who is willing to teach you.