The Questions You Really Want to Ask

Saturday, February 27th, 2016

monkeyFirst date conversation should be fun, friendly and a little revealing. However, there are lots of more intrusive questions that we all want to know the answer to, but are too afraid to ask.

Why are you still single?

If your date seems kind, fun and attractive, you’re probably wondering why they’re not coupled-up. However, it’s still a taboo to ask this question and it’s usually pretty difficult to answer too, apart from saying “because I haven’t met the right person yet”.

Are you looking for something serious?

So, essentially you want to know whether your date wants to marriage, babies and a house in the countryside, or if they’re looking for a bit of fun until they’re ready to settle down. Asking your date about whether they are looking for a serious relationship, or something more casual can seem too full-on and a bit like a job interview. Your desires should come out naturally in conversation, so there’s no need to hurry things along by asking it directly.

Do I need to be worried about an ex?

Obsessive exes, incredibly gorgeous exes and ‘it’s not really over’ exes can all be a concern when you start dating someone, so it’s natural to wonder if your date’s ex is still on the scene and if they’re really over each other.

Again, this should come up naturally in conversation. If your date talks endlessly about their ex, that should tell you that they are not ready to start dating again. However, if their ex is barely mentioned, that’s a very good sign.