Muddy Healthy New Year

Sunday, January 10th, 2016

WeightsYou know that it’s January when the shops are full of weight loss products and every other conversation is about being on a diet. We’re really not keen on crazy diets or bizarre fitness trends (although we have tried a fair few over the years). So here are so sensible ways to embrace a New Year health kick in a truly muddy way.

Walking date

Instead of meeting for a coffee date, you could meet up for a walk instead. Head to a safe public place like a country park on your first date and enjoy getting to know each other in tandem with a bit of exercise. On that note, going on a tandem can be a fun date idea, but it’s a little difficult to converse when you’re one behind the other.

If you know each other quite well, you could plan out a route on country paths, or follow a walking book.

If you’re both keen runners, you could enjoy a trail run instead and get to know your favourite countryside at a slightly faster pace.

Cook a healthy dinner

When it’s cold outside, there’s nothing better than a hearty stew, or broth to warm your cockles. So instead of going out to an expensive restaurant, you could cook a homely meal together. Obviously this isn’t a sensible idea for a first date as you don’t want to invite someone in to your home straight away.

Try a new sport together

Have you always wanted to try a new sport, but been too scared to go along on your own? If your date loves horse riding, fishing, shooting, or any other country pursuit that you haven’t tried yet, get them to introduce you to it.