Cheap Date Ideas

Thursday, December 31st, 2015
Cheap Date Ideas

Christmas is an expensive time of year for most people with Christmas parties, presents and fancy food to buy, so January can be a bit of a lean month. However, a lack of money should not stop you from meeting up with people – after all, you never know how well you’ll get on until you meet in person.

Here are some suggestions to make dating affordable…

Save on your outfit

A survey conducted by Virgin Money found that on average men spend £43.2o on clothes for a first date and women spend £75 on their outfit.

A new outfit can help to build your confidence, but you’re bound to have something nice in your wardrobe that will look just as good as something that you’ve just bought.

Just make sure that your outfit is clean, presentable and pet hair free! Ironing and a bit of shoe polish can make all the difference too.

Go to a local Café

As a family-run business we’re always keen to support local businesses and it’s also good for your wallet too. A cup of coffee in a small café is usually cheaper than stopping off at a chain coffee shop and if you’re keen to extend your date, you could grab a sandwich.

Cafés tend to be a daytime venue, which is perfect if you’re relying on a rural bus service to get you around.

Go for a walk

We wouldn’t recommend a walk in the woods on a first date, but a busy country park would be a safe place to meet and is a popular date idea for country-loving singles. Most country parks only charge a few pounds for parking, which helps to maintain the site.

Skip the gifts

If you’re quite traditional, you might wish to take flowers with you on a date. However, most women do not expect flowers and some can be a little embarrassed by the whole situation.

If you are keen to buy flowers, you can get some pretty flowers for a good price from market traders.