5 Common Dating Mistakes

Sunday, December 20th, 2015

manEveryone makes mistakes, but we’re here to make sure that you don’t repeat some of the most common dating mistakes.

Using clichés in your profile

No two profile texts should be the same because everyone is unique. However, there are phrases that come up time and time again on people’s profiles. Take a look through your profile and take out ‘I like going out, or staying in’ and ‘I like to relax with a bottle of wine and a DVD’. Both phrases are overused and don’t say a lot really. If you are going to include them in your profile, make sure to explain a bit more about it.

Writing two lines

We have a minimum word count on Muddy Matches to make sure that people don’t just write ‘I’ll add this later’. However, just writing the minimum two lines is unlikely to tell people enough about you to get them hooked.

Not mentioning the countryside

You’ve joined a countryside dating website, so you must have an interest in dating country people, but some people send profiles through that have no hint as to why they are country-minded. Are you into walking, horse-riding, shooting, fishing? Have you recently moved to the countryside, or do you dream of escaping the city?

Not sending messages

When it comes to online dating, patience is not a virtue! Don’t sit back and wait for people to send you messages, be proactive and start off the conversation yourself.

Giving up too quickly

Some people do find their special someone within a day of joining a dating website, but most do not. It can take time to find someone, especially if you live in a very remote area or if you have a very strict set of criteria. As we’ve just said, it pays to be proactive; if you are active and send lots of messages you are going to speed up the process.