Main Photo Success

Tuesday, December 15th, 2015

cameraIt goes without saying that your profile photo is very important if you’re looking to find a date, so it’s also very important to get it right!

Here are a few tips for making sure that you add the best photo.

Go big

Your Main Photo should be a good, clear photo of your head and shoulders so that people can see what you really look like. Think passport photo, but with a smile.

If you’re miles away from the camera, then you will appear as a little dot in the distance.

Our team will reject your Main photos if we can’t see your face, but other websites may not have the same standards.

Stand out

Have you got a favourite pink shirt, or teal coloured dress? A brightly coloured outfit will help you to stand out in a sea of black, white, blue and grey.

A gaudy print will help you to stand out, even if people do ask you if it was for a fancy dress party.

Don’t edit it

A fancy filter may look nice, but it will draw your eye away from the focus of the photo – you. Also, try not to select a blurry photo, or one taken in artistic lighting (read shadows over your key features).

Choose a modern photo

Choose a photo that was taken in the past few years to make sure that it is an accurate representation of what you look like now.


Smiley photos make you look more approachable than a photo of you with a neutral look.

Remember, you don’t need to have a super professional photo, you can use your phone to take a photo as long as you can easily see your face in the photo.