Dating Advice for Men and Women

Sunday, September 20th, 2015

men's broguesIn this day and age you might think that dating advice would be the same for men and women, but the gender divide is still important. Here are some examples of where men and women should behave differently, but of course there are always exceptions to the rule.

Profile length

Female – Keep your profile short and light-hearted. The most popular female profiles on Muddy Matches are about 200 words long.

Male – The most popular male profiles are approximately 3o0 words long.


Female – The more the merrier, aim to add as many photos as possible. As well as a nice Main Photo, women should choose a good mixture of full length photos and close ups. Women can also get away with using selfies as additional photos.

Male – Men should aim for at least three photos (including their Main Photo). Try to add outdoorsy photos which show you taking part in sports and other activities.

What to wear on a first date

Men – It’s well known that a lot of women judge a man’s outfit by the footwear that they choose to wear. Wear closed toed shoes or boots that are clean and presentable. Do not wear sandals, or trainers on a first date as it doesn’t give the right impression.

Don’t wear slogan t-shirts, shorts or other items of sportswear on a first date unless you are taking part in a sporting activity. The same theory goes for wellies – Muddy Matches may be a website for ‘muddy’ people, but muddy wellies are only acceptable if they are necessary for the activity that you are taking part in.

Women –  Unless you’re a real fashionista, looking to show off your unique style, it is a good idea to go for something simple and timeless. Men don’t tend to be keen on high-fashion outfits like jumpsuits or high-waisted jeans. Go for a fitted dress, skirt or trousers that show off your figure without looking too tarty.

Who should pay on a date?

Always go along to a first date with enough money to pay your way, regardless of whether you are male or female. Both men and women should offer to pay, but often men prefer to pay on a first date.