What Your Hobbies Say about You

Wednesday, September 09th, 2015

horse in a stableOne of the great things about joining a niche dating website is that you know that you’ll meet people who have similar interests to you.

Outdoorsy hobbies

Outdoorsy hobbies like walking, shooting and fishing show that you enjoy connecting with nature. They also indicate that you aren’t a fair-weather type who won’t venture outside if you see the slightest hint of a grey sky. Lots of Muddy Matches members include outdoorsy activities on their profile and we even have detailed options like different types of shooting, something that you are unlikely to see on more generic websites.

If you mention outdoor hobbies on your dating profile, why not let people know more? For example, do you enjoy gentle strolls to the pub, or energetic hill climbing? Do you save up for an annual fishing trip to Scotland, or do you love going to nearby lakes?

Indoor hobbies

Even if you love outdoor activities, most people enjoy relaxing indoors as well. Instead of saying “I love going out and staying in”, talk about what you like to do when you’re at home.

Extreme sports

Extreme sports show that you have a sense of adventure and that you’re always looking for a new thrill. It might lead people to believe that you won’t be satisfied by calm nights in front of the fire or relaxing with a good novel, so you might wish to let people know about your calm side too.

Lifestyle hobbies

If you spend more money on gifts for your horse than you do on yourself, or if you can’t imagine a weekend away that doesn’t include a dog show, then you have what’s known as a lifestyle hobby. Let people know about your hobby, so that you can meet someone who will either share your hobby, or will enjoy spending time on their own interests.

If you’re not quite ready to write all about your hobbies, make sure that you tick all of the boxes for your favourite sports and interests.