Classic Date Ideas

Sunday, August 30th, 2015

two cups of latte with heart shapes on topAre you looking to organise a first date? Trying to think of somewhere safe, fun and a good place to get to know one another? Here are some simple first date ideas that will tick all the boxes.


Meeting for coffee during the day is a good idea if you’re concerned about your safety as you’ll be able to get to and from your date in broad daylight. Meeting up for coffee or tea means that you can chat in a place where others around you are all engaged in their own conversation, so you don’t feel too silly sharing stories and getting to know one another.

Pub date

If there’s one thing you can always find in the UK and Ireland, it’s a pub. Aim to find a pub in between where you both live, so that neither of you has to travel too far. Choose a table where you can relax and get better acquainted without prying eyes, especially if it happens to be your local. Make sure that you can get to and from the pub safely and book a taxi in advance if you are not sure that you’ll have signal.

If you’re a little worried about not knowing what to say you could choose a pub with games or a pub quiz so that you’ve got something to get the conversation started.

Dinner date

A dinner date is a good traditional option for a first date and allows you to chat and to enjoy some good food together. Aim for a mid-priced restaurant in a relaxed venue, so that you’re not too worried about conforming to a dress code, or having a large bill at the end.

When it comes to getting the bill, our survey suggested that 75% of both men and women believe that a man should pay on a first date. However, it is polite to offer to spilt the bill if you are a woman and if the man will not accept, you could offer to pay for a post dinner drink or two.

What would your ideal first date involve? Let us know via social media.