Message Tips

Thursday, August 13th, 2015

Pale purple pink envelopeIf you’re looking to meet up with someone, the best place to start is by sending a message. However, it’s probably the area that most people are unsure about – after all it’s tricky to strike up conversation with someone new.

Here are some commonly asked questions about dating messages and some hints to make the process a bit easier for you.

When should I send a message?

You should send a message when you spot someone who you like, or when someone interesting adds you to their favourites list.

How do I send a message to someone new?

Log in to your Muddy Matches account and click on the person’s profile. Click on ‘send a message’ on their dating profile. If you’ve already added them to your ‘My favourites’ you can send them a message by clicking on ‘send a message’ next to their name in your favourites list.

How much should I write?

Keep you first message short and try to ask a question to get conversation flowing.

What should I write?

Take a look at some of our dating message examples if you’re looking for some inspiration. However, “Hi, I liked your profile” ┬áis a good place to start if you want something short, but sweet.

How do I keep track of my messages?

Log in to your Muddy Matches account and click on ‘My messages’, you’ll then be able to see how many messages you have. The ‘My turn’ tab indicates that you have a message waiting for you to reply to it. The ‘Their turn’ tab shows messages that you have sent which have not been replied to just yet.

How long should I wait before replying?

In the faced paced digital world, old-fashioned rules about waiting 48 hours before replying to someone do not apply. When you’ve had a chance to read the message and to think of what to write, send the message straight away.

How many messages should I send before meeting up?

You never really know what someone is like until you meet up, so we would recommend sending only a few messages before arranging to meet one another in a safe public place.

What if I’m not keen on someone?

If you’ve been sent a message, but don’t fancy the person who has sent it to you, it’s polite to send a ‘thanks, but no thanks’ type message so that they’re not keenly waiting to hear from you with no reply.