Messaging Dos and Don’ts

Wednesday, July 01st, 2015

Man typingIf you’ve got your profile text perfected and have chosen a great profile picture, your next step is to get messaging. After all, being on an online dating website without sending messages won’t get you a date.

Here are a few dos and don’ts to get you started…

Do send messages to people who have favourited you – Adding someone to your favourites list is the grown up way of pulling their hair in the playground. If someone has added you to their favourites list it means that they are interested in you, but perhaps they are a little too shy to send you a message. In fact, if you’re stuck for something to say in your message, you could say “I noticed that you’d added me to your favourites list and thought I’d say hi.”

Don’t put off sending a message – If you’re thinking of sending a message to someone, but aren’t sure what to say, don’t put it off until tomorrow. Waiting until tomorrow soon becomes waiting a week and suddenly your dream date has found someone else and has left the website. Even a “hello, how are you?” is better than saying nothing at all. In fact, a “hi” might do the trick.

Do take a chance – Is there someone on who you like, but think is out of your league? It’s always worth taking a chance as the worst that can happen is that they say no. However, your gamble might just pay off!

Don’t bombard people – If you don’t get a reply straight away be patient! You can check that the message has sent by logging in to your account an clicking on the messaging tab. If it says “their turn”, it means that they have received the message. You can also look at their profile to see if they have been online recently – the ‘active within’ status will tell you how long it has been since they last logged in. If you don’t receive a message back, don’t send another one asking why they haven’t read it.