5 Reasons to Join a Niche Dating Website

Thursday, June 18th, 2015

Heart shaped biscuitsNiche dating websites are sites that cater for a specific group or interest. ¬†They may be designed for people who follow a particular religion, for people who do a certain type of job, or in the case of Muddy Matches; for people who enjoy a ‘muddy boots’ lifestyle.

There are lots of reasons to choose a niche website, but here are just five of them…

A website tailored to your interests – Joining a niche dating website will mean that the website is set up to meet your needs. So, for example if you like countryside pursuits there are options on Muddy Matches for choosing specific hobbies and interests. Whereas many dating websites would allow you to select horse riding as a hobby, Muddy Matches allows you to be more specific and to select hacking, driving, eventing, hunting and polo.

Shared interests – If you join a website aimed at a specific group of people, you are likely to find people who share your interests. Having a shared interest will instantly give you a talking point. Also, if you’re both keen on a particular hobby, you can travel around the country together going to events or exploring new locations.

More focus – Instead of filtering through thousands of unsuitable profiles, you will instantly know that you have something in common with other people on a niche dating website.

Interesting events – We have a Country Calendar on Muddy Matches that lists lots of countryside events that you could attend. This means that you can look for interesting local events which you can use as a first date idea. Country shows, for example, allow you to meet someone new in safe public place and allow you to get to know your date and to enjoy the event itself.

Chance to find friends – Lots of dating websites are only set up for dating, whereas many niche dating websites allow people to meet new friends as well as potential dates. Making new friends is very important if you have moved to a new area for work and you never know, your new friends might lead you to find a perfect match.