Dating Myths

Friday, June 05th, 2015

Glass heart on beige backgroundThe land of online dating is full of myths that may put you off online dating. Here are some common myths (in no particular order) that have become part of popular culture.

Online dating sites are full of weirdos – Do you really believe this? Think about how many of your friends have met their partner through online dating and think about whether you consider them to be weirdos. Yes, there are some oddbods, but there are also millions of genuine, normal people who are looking to find love.

You’re too old for online dating – We’re always suprised to hear from people who think that they are too old to try online dating, because online darting really doesn’t have an upper age limit. Online dating may have started out as the preserve of twenty-somethings, but things have moved on and there is now a pretty even split of people of different ages.

You have to be gorgeous to get a date – Being aesthetically pleasing does help, but one of the joys of online dating is that you can get an idea of someone’s personality before going on a date with them. You may be suprised to find out that one of our favourite success stories came through from a couple who didn’t have profile photos and who said that they were pleased to find out that they were physically attracted to one another.

However, we do recommend that you include a photo of yourself on your online dating profile so that people can see who they are talking to. You may not think that you are incredibly attractive, but your ideal partner may think that you are the most beautiful/handsome person alive.

Men should always make the first move – If you’re a woman it doesn’t mean that you should sit back and wait for messages to come flooding in. There are lots of great men out there who would be delighted to hear from you. If you like someone – tell them, regardless of your gender.

Your sexuality should influence the site you choose to join– Being LGBT is just one part of your life, pick a website that fits in with your lifestyle, so that you can meet people who fit with all aspects of your life rather than just your sexuality.

Everyone lies to make themselves look better – Some people do lie, but they will get found out, so it’s really not worth it. Most people genuinely want to meet someone, so they know that it’s best to be honest from the start.