5 Reasons Why Farmers are Sexy

Thursday, May 28th, 2015

Farmer looking out across a fieldWe might be a little biased, but there’s no denying it – farmers are sexy. Here are just five reasons why farmers are sexy, which might just tempt you to look for single farmers on Muddy Matches.

Second only to firemen

According to a survey by The Mirror, firefighters hold the top spot as the sexiest professionals. However, farmers come in at a close second, above pilots and police officers.

Farmer’s arms

What could be more attractive than a nicely toned figure? Time in the gym is no substitute for hard work in the field, so it’s no surprise that farmers have sexy arms.

Farmer’s tan

While we’re on the subject of good looks…all over tans are so last season; if you want a partner with a gorgeous natural tan, you can’t beat a good t-shirt tan from working outside. A farmers tan also doesn’t have that nasty biscuity smell that comes with wearing fake tan, so that’s a bonus.

Work the natural look

The windswept look isn’t just the preserve of models – farmers really work the outdoorsy look and can pull off the dishevelled look with ease. However, when the need arises, you’ll be amazed by the transformation from overalls to evening wear.

Nobody solves a problem like a farmer

Assertiveness is attractive! Farmers have to demonstrate brains and brawn on daily basis to get things done. So you can always rely on a farmer to get things done without having to call someone in; whether that’s fixing a broken gate, rescuing a stranded driver from a snow flurry or working out what on earth the latest government initiative is all about.

Do you think that farmers are sexy? We’re love to hear what you think makes farmers stand out from the crowd.

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