Looking for a Serious Relationship?

Friday, April 24th, 2015

Man and woman holding hands with wedding rings onIf you’re looking for a serious relationship, rather than a fling, you may be a little concerned about meeting someone via online dating websites. However, there are ways to tell whether someone is looking for a serious relationship rather than a bit of fun.

Making their intentions clear

Fortunately, some people do say that they are looking for a serious relationship, or they even say that they are looking to find a husband or a wife. This makes things easy, as you know what their intentions are before you get in touch with them. However, many people worry that this makes them seem too keen.

‘Not looking for a fling’

Also, look out for people who say that they are not interested in ‘a fling’ or ‘having a bit of fun’. This shows you that they are tired of having casual relationships, and that they are looking for someone special.

Family focused

If you are keen to start a family, look for people who have said that they would like to have children.

Be wary of people who are newly single

It takes time to get over a relationship before you can settle down with someone new. If a person’s profile says that they are ‘newly single’, or ‘have just come out of a long relationship’ be aware that they may not be ready to enter a new relationship. However, there are always exceptions to this rule and not all relationships that follow a breakup fall into the ‘rebound’ category.

Online dating websites are a great way to meet people who are looking for a serious relationship