Champagne Dates on a Lemonade Budget

Thursday, April 16th, 2015

Man popping champagne cork

Going out for dates can be an expensive business, especially if you fork out for fancy food and drink. Here are some alternatives to standard date ideas that could save you money, without making you look like a cheapskate.

A romantic meal

A romantic meal is a classic date idea, but going out to a fancy restaurant or gastro pub can prove to be very expensive, especially if one person pays the whole bill.

Here are three cheaper alternatives:

  1. Go for lunch instead – Lunchtime menus are often cheaper and the restaurants are usually less busy during the day. You’ll still get a high quality of food, but you’ll save some money and get a quieter venue.
  2. Make your own – For a first date, you should always meet in a busy public place. However, when you get to know each other a bit better, it’s a great way to enjoy a tasty meal together without the high cost of drinks and tipping.
  3. Use a voucher – Using a voucher is quite controversial, but if you’re happy to do so, it can save you a lot of money.

A cultural experience

If you live near to a large city, or town, you can take advantage of the free museums and galleries. Strolling around a museum gives you a great opportunity to chat and provides inspiration for all the “sooo….ummmm” moments when you can’t think of anything to say.

If you are keen to see a theatre show; book a matinee performance to save money or try a local, amateur production.

Movie night

Heading to the cinema can be quite expensive, but there are a few ways to save money:

  1. Sneak in snacks – Popcorn and drinks cost a small fortune, so try sneaking in snacks to save yourself money.
  2. Go local – Some local theatres offer low cost screenings of films. They usually show releases a few months after the cinema chains, but it’s brilliant if you both missed the films originally.

There’s also the issue of who pays, but that’s another blog post entirely…