5 Tips for First Date Preparation

Thursday, January 29th, 2015

First date coupleHere are 5 things to think about before you set off for your first date, from knowing who to look out for, to knowing what to say.

1. Know who they are – Calling your date by the wrong name is embarrassing and rude. Make sure you re-read their dating profile and that you look at their profile pictures again before you meet up.

2. Know where you’re going – If you’ve never been to your meeting point before, make sure you know exactly where it is without the aid of a sat-nav, as you never know when they’re going to go out of signal. If you’re meeting up somewhere nearby you could do a dry run.

3. Dress for the occasion – Super smart shoes look glamourous on a first date, but may not be appropriate if you are walking around a country estate. It’s important to make an effort and to look your best, but also to consider where you are going and what the weather conditions will be. No matter where you meet up; clean teeth, fresh breath and clean nails are essential for both genders.

4. Be open minded – Don’t go along believing that your date is going to be the love of your life and start browsing wedding forums. On the other hand, don’t write them off as a waste of time either. Go along and get to know them, for better or for worse.

5. Have a few topics of conversations in mind – Hopefully conversation will flow naturally, but it’s a good idea to have a few ideas just in case you end up with an awkward silence (non-awkward silence is fine). Holidays, hobbies and memories are all safe topics.