You Said What?

Wednesday, December 24th, 2014

Man holding his face in his handThey say that first impressions count, and when it comes to dating you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. So here are a few things you really shouldn’t say on a first date…

“You look younger/thinner/more attractive in your photo” – Commenting on how someone looks in real life compared to their photo isn’t a great idea even if you’re saying something nice. Saying that they look nicer in real life might make them wonder what was wrong with their photo and saying that they look worse in real life is a very bad idea!

“My ex was horrible…” – The first rule of dating is… don’t bad-mouth your ex.

“I’ve been on so many dates, but it never works out” – This will make your date wonder what went wrong and if it’s you that is the problem. It’s OK to share funny stories about dates you’ve been on, but avoid making it sound like you’ve dated half the village.

“I might as well tell you everything bad up front” – It’s a good idea to be honest with someone, but let conversation flow naturally, rather than treating your first date as an opportunity to confess everything.