How Much Should I Spend on a New Date?

Wednesday, December 10th, 2014

Woman sitting with present next to a white Christmas tree.It’s nearly Christmas, which means you are either a) daydreaming about the upcoming event, b) hiding under a blanket and occasionally muttering Bah Humbug, c) too busy to notice, d )frantically searching for gifts.

If you’re frantically searching for presents, you’re probably wondering how much you should spend on your new date and what you should get them.

How much should I spend on a gift for a new date?

When we conducted a survey asking Muddy Matches members how much they would spend on someone they had been with for one month, the most popular answer was between £10 and £40. Suprisingly though, more men (16%) were willing to spend over £100 on their new date than were willing to spend under £10 on their date (just 6%).

However, just 3% of women said that they would spend over £100 on their new date and 11% of women planned to spend under £10 on their date.

So, in conclusion, your safest option is to spend between £10 and £40 on your new companion.

What to buy for a new date

The key here is to listen to them or to look out for not so subtle hints that have been left for you. If your new date has been talking about their favourite wellies that have just worn through or their favourite spirit that has just run out then you’ve got a nice, easy option.

If you’re planning to buy clothes for your new date, sneak a peak at their clothes to see what what size they are and where they normally shop as sizes vary from shop to shop. You really don’t want to just estimate a size or two larger as it could cause offence.

Books can also be a safe option, if they are reading through a series you could buy them the next one along for example.

Foodie gifts like fancy chocolates or cheeses are also a popular choice, unless your date is lactose intolerant or on a strict diet of course.

Avoid buying any gifts that suggest that they should change; for example a different perfume to what they normally wear, a new brand of aftershave or more fashionable clothing than they usually wear.

One last thing… never, never, never, buy your new date ‘sexy’ underwear unless they specifically ask for it!