5 Reason Why Bonfire Night is a Great first Date

Wednesday, November 05th, 2014

Fireworks display“Remember, remember the 5th of November” (or any day around that point when your local fireworks display is on) if you’re planning a first date.

Heading to a fireworks display is a great first date because:

*It’s a safe place to meet up – A fireworks display is a busy public event, so you won’t be on your own.
*The cold is a great excuse to get close to one another and if you’re in a big crowd you may not have much choice anyway.
*You won’t have to worry about who pays – if you head out for dinner or drinks, there is always that awkward moment when you have to decide who is going to pay the bill. With a fireworks display, you are likely to pay for yourself on entry and aren’t likely to spend very much money.
*There’s the opportunity to extend your date – If your date doesn’t go quite to plan, you can say goodbye at the end of the event. However, if you’re enjoying yourself, you could head to a nearby pub for drinks or you could enjoy a hot chocolate or two together.
*It’s a popular choice – if you choose to meet for dinner, you may have a problem deciding upon a cuisine that you both like. However, most people like fireworks.

We hope that you have a fantastic firework night date. Be safe and have fun!