How to Stay Safe Online

Friday, October 03rd, 2014

Man using pull down weightsWe do our best to make sure that our members are safe on Muddy Matches, but there are things that you should bear in mind.

Don’t try to sneak contact details in your profile

We have seen some seriously sneaky attempts to sneak contact details in to profiles, but it is not a good idea as it encourages people to contact you outside of the safety of the dating website.

Don’t send out your contact details in your first message

Not only should you avoid putting your contact details in your profile, you should also avoid sending them out in your first message to someone for the same reason.

Another reason to avoid sending out your contact details in your first message is that it can seem too pushy and people might be worried about contacting you via your email or telephone number.

Don’t try to suggest where you can be found

Saying things like “I can be found at Bob’s gym on Monday from 5pm-7pm” or “I work in the bookshop on the high street on a Sunday morning” is a way to put yourself at risk. Feel free to say that you go to the gym or work in a shop, but do not be too specific about the details.

Do report anything that you find suspicious

We work hard to stop scammers from joining Muddy Matches, but not all sites are a vigilant. It is important to be aware of unusual behaviour and to report anything suspicious to the dating site’s staff.

For more dating safety advice, check out our FAQs.