What Not to Do on a First Date

Thursday, September 11th, 2014

woman blowing a kissWhen you’re on a first date, you should be the best version of you possible. This means that you should be yourself, but make sure that you are on your best behaviour and that you dress nicely. Here are some things that you really shouldn’t do on a first date.


Show up late – It’s nerve-wracking enough turning up for a date without the other person leaving you waiting. Also, make sure to exchange mobile numbers so that you can phone if you are going to be late.

Be rude – For most people this would be obvious, but passing gas is not acceptable in front of your new date.

Steal food – If you’re both keen to share, that’s great, but don’t steal food from your date’s plate.

Get too intimate too quickly – Getting ‘handsy’ or talking crudely is the best way to get branded as creepy. Touching someone’s arm is OK, but rubbing their leg is not. The jury is also out with regards to having a snog on your first date – if in doubt go for a peck on the cheek rather than a full-on kiss.

Declare your love for them – Be complimentary by all means and mention what attracted you to your date, but don’t go over the top.

Play with your phone – It’s amazing how many people you see playing with their phones while talking to other people (in fact I wonder how many people are reading this while with friends). Try to pay attention to your date.

Be rude to staff – If you’re out for dinner and your food isn’t cooked through you have every right to send it back, but do so politely. Ranting and raving to members of staff is likely to worry your date.

Get drunk – Drinking beyond your limits is likely to make you look like a fool.