5 People Not to Include in Your Profile Photos

Friday, September 05th, 2014

Young girl with light brown hair cuddling a kittenBefore I start, any photo that shows what you look like is better than nothing. However, if you have the choice there are certain people who you shouldn’t include in your photos:

Your ex – This one should go without saying, but some people do add pictures of their ex as they’re still friends. Having your ex in your photos makes it look like you are still interested in them and can put people off getting in contact with you.

Your gorgeous friend – If you’re trying to attract women, don’t add a photo of you cuddled up to an attractive woman and if you’re looking to attract men, don’t add a photo of you with your gorgeous male friend.

When someone is looking at your profile, they may view them as potential competition or as though they are your ex (see previous point).

Children – Playing with children in your photos does give people the impression that you are a family-minded person, which is lovely attribute to have. However, we would advise against showing children in your photos as they are not able to give their permission to appear online.

Your badly behaved friend – If your friend is terribly drunk in your photos and is making a fool of themselves, a potential date may wonder if you’re a bit of jack-the-lad or ladette yourself. If you are, that’s fine, but you don’t want to give the wrong impression.

A crowd of 5000 – As fun as Where’s Wally? is, people don’t want to play it when looking at your profile photos (not saying that you’re a wally of course). If you are going to add a crowd shot where you are a little dot in the distance, make sure that you also have a good selection of photos allowing people can see you clearly.