10 Reasons to Date a Farmer

Friday, August 08th, 2014

Tree in a field of yellow rape.If you search for ‘marrying a farmer’ online you’ll find lots of blog posts about all the quirks of being a farmer’s wife or husband. These quirks range from having drawers full of twine ‘just in case’ through to never RSVP’ing to events as it might be a busy time on the farm. However there are lots of good reasons to date a farmer, especially if you are also a farmer.

Here are 10 reasons why you should date a farmer:

  1. Shared way of life – If you’re from a farming background, or are a farmer yourself, it’s important to meet someone who understands your lifestyle. Sometimes born and bred city dwellers can adapt to the lifestyle, but it’s good to start on the same page.
  2. Life in the countryside – If the thought of living in a tower block or having to drive through bumper to bumper traffic fills you with dread, life on a farm couldn’t be more different.
  3. Good banter – Farming and banter go together like bread and butter, so you know that you will always have a laugh together.
  4. Fitness – As well as getting to date a fit and healthy farmer, helping out around the farm will also help to keep you fit.
  5. You get to see the wonders of nature first hand – Whether you’re helping with the harvest or with counting cows, you’ll be at one with nature.
  6. Independence – If you’re used to your independence, than it’s hard to be in a relationship with someone who wants to know where you are and what you’re doing at all times. This will not be a problem if you’re dating a busy farmer.
  7. They’ll be prepared for the weather – Farming and the weather are so intrinsically linked that any farmer worth his or her salt will know when it’s going to rain, so you’ll never be left wondering whether or not it’s going to be a raincoat day. Also, a casual chat about the weather with a farmer will also be a darn sight more interesting than just saying ‘nice weather recently’.
  8. Farmers are calm under pressure – Once you’ve dealt with all the unpredictable situations that occur on a farm, you’re unlikely to get stressed out by the little things in life.
  9. Farmers are practical – Farmers are famously practical, which means that they usually know how to fix an object or even a situation.
  10. It’s a great place to raise a family – OK, so this is skipping a bit far down the line from dating, but farms are a great place to raise a family.

*We understand that not all farmers are the same, so please take this with a pinch of salt. We’d love to hear what you love most about dating farmers.