5 Ways to Revamp Your Main Photo

Monday, June 30th, 2014

Woman in Christmas HatChoose an up-to-date photo – If it’s been a while since you uploaded your Main Photo, you should consider choosing a more modern photo to show people what you look like now.

Lighten up – When we receive photos that are so dark that we can’t see your face clearly, we lighten then to make sure that you can. However, not all sites offer this service, so it is a good idea to use a basic photo editing programme.

Replace your selfie – If you have a selfie, taken at arm’s length, replace it with a photo taken by someone else. Selfies aren’t particularly flattering and if you’re using the mirror trick, your phone can obscure your face.

The best thing is to use a photo where you it is not so far away that you are a blur, or so close that people can count the pores on your face.

Avoid wearing sunglasses – We don’t allow people to wear sunglasses in their Main Photo, but some sites do. Sunglasses might look cool, but they also obscure your face, meaning that people cannot see you clearly.

Think seasonal – If your photo shows you wearing a Woolley hat in July or swimwear in February, it’s time for an update.  Christmas photos also look out of place in the summer months.