How to Choose a First Date Venue

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014

Two coffees and two plates of croissants with cheese and ham.The most important things when choosing a first date venue are finding somewhere safe and finding somewhere where you’ll feel relaxed.

  1. Choose somewhere safe – Going for a walk in the countryside sounds like an ideal date idea, but it’s better to leave it until you get to know someone better. Make sure that you meet in a busy public place on your first date and also be sure to let someone know where you’re going.
  2. Pick somewhere where you can hear each other – You don’t want to spend your time shouting over loud music, or worse still talking over a film at the cinema.
  3. Avoid anywhere too romantic – A first date isn’t the time to take someone to a romantic restaurant with a violinist. Aim for somewhere more informal where you’re not surrounded by loved-up couples.
  4. Make sure you both know where you’re going – First dates can be nerve wracking enough without having to deal with a Sat Nav that thinks that your meet up is in the middle of a lake.
  5. Avoid your local – It’s nice to go somewhere familiar, but you really don’t want John from down the road asking if your date is your boyfriend/girlfriend in front of half of the village.

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