Fitting a Niche

Thursday, April 17th, 2014

Person a very muddy all terrain vehicleMuddy Matches members generally come to the site through a recommendation from a mud-loving friend, or through a Google search for ‘farmer dating’ or ‘countryside dating’; so it’s a surprise when we receive profiles that don’t mention the countryside at all.

You don’t need to write “I think that I am muddy because…”, but it’s a good idea to tell people whether you live, work, or just love getting out and about in the countryside. So here are a few tips for expressing just how ‘muddy’ you really are…

Find out how muddy you are

If you were wondering just how muddy you are, you can take our Muddy Quiz and put your result on your profile. The quiz will give you a percentage, so it isn’t just a case of being either ‘muddy’ or townie. You don’t even have to be a member to take the test, so you can get your friends to take the quiz and compare your results.

Tell people what makes you muddy

Whether you’re a farmer who likes to head in to the city to see a good show, or a city lawyer with a countryside retreat, let people know where your muddy/townie boundaries lie. A few lines will give people an impression of whether their lifestyle is compatible with yours.

Here are some questions that you might wish to answer:

Where you born and raised in the countryside?
Do you live in the countryside?
Do you dream of escaping the big city?
Will you only be found in large town at duress or are you quite happy to spend time in both town and countryside settings?
Do you have any proud countryside achievements like winning a ploughing contest, coming second in a dog agility competition or finally hitting the bullseye in archery?

Tick your muddy hobbies

You don’t have to list all of your hobbies to let people know what you enjoy doing. You can tick the boxes and then explain a bit more about your key hobbies. For example, tell people what you enjoy doing on a regular basis and what you’re keen to try or do more of. You never know, putting “I’d love to try…” might be the sentence that encourages someone new to contact you.