Giving the Wrong Impression

Thursday, April 10th, 2014

Pink bikini on a washingSince the dawn of the miniskirt, parents up and down the country have been heard to utter the phrase ‘is that a skirt or a belt?’ to their daughters, and perhaps in the 70s ‘son are those pants or shorts?’ came into play too. The disgruntled comment is all about giving out the wrong impression, which is something that you should also avoid when putting together your online dating profile. We’d also recommend not wearing belt length skirts or 70s style shorts, but that’s an aside.

Risqué photos

Yes, it’s important to look  your best in your photos, but we really would advise against wearing skimpy clothing or no clothing at all. Posting photos of you in the bath, in your underwear or one of those strange bent over Miley Cyrus style poses is not a good way to make a first impression – this applies to both men and women!


While we’re on the topic of profile photos, please, please do not fill your profile entirely with selfies! Selfies give the impression that you do not know anyone who is willing to take photos of you. You don’t have to include other people in your photos, but it’s a good idea to let someone else take the photos.

Drunken photos

One or two photos with a drink in hand is perfectly normal (after all people love taking photos at parties), but if every photo that you upload shows you in a drunken stupor it doesn’t give a great impression.


You’d be surprised at how many perfectly lovely, kind and chilled-out people sound anything but calm in their dating profiles. We’re not saying that you should give off a false persona, but try to be positive in your profile. Avoid saying things like ‘I don’t know why I’m bothering with this’, ‘I’ve had a lot of bad experiences with people’ or just anything that sounds like a rant about your dating life.

Being lazy

Writing just a few words in your profile will make it look like you’re either naturally lazy or that you can’t really be bothered to write anything about yourself. Try to write between 200 and 500 words that tell people about who you are.

We wouldn’t want to put you off though, it’s better to put overly posed selfies or drunken photos on your profile than it is to not add photos at all.