How to Write a Dating Profile

Wednesday, March 12th, 2014

Diagram for creating a dating profile.Let’s face it, writing your dating profile can lead to writer’s block, so sometimes it’s a good idea to come at it from another angle – to think outside of the box by drawing a lot of boxes.

Brainstorms aren’t just for quirky teacher in films or team building activities, they can also be helpful when you have got profile writer’s block. Brainstorms allow you to get down all the key points of what you’re trying to get across, without having to worry about spelling, grammar or punctuation. So, if you’re stuck, grab a pen and get scribbling…

Step 1

Write your name or ‘dating profile’ in the middle of the piece of paper.

Step 2

Write the key headings down:

  • Me in 20 words.
  • Things I enjoy doing.
  • Ideal date.
  • Nickname and what it says about me.
  • What I’m looking for in a partner.
  • My best qualities.

You can also add any others that get you thinking, for example:

  • Things I’m proud of.
  • Where I live and why.
  • Why I do the work/study that I do.
  • What my friends know me for.

Step 3

Write down any answers that come to mind immediately and any other questions that they inspire.

Step 4

Put the piece of paper to one side and go away and do something else. Come back to it each time you get inspiration.

Step 5

Take you super-inspiring brainstorm and use it as a guide for creating your dating profile. Remember, you don’t have to include everything if it seems too long!