Pancake Day Date

Tuesday, March 04th, 2014

Stack of pancakes with strawberries and blueberries.Pancakes are a leveler of men; so much so that we’re pretty sure that even top chefs have to disguise the first one of a batch with a lot of sauce, or end up scrapping them off the floor after a failed attempt to flip them without using a spatula. If you don’t mind looking silly in front of your new partner, you could always have a pancake get-together.

Keeping it simple

One of the benefits of using Pancake Day (or Shrove Tuesday as it’s properly known) as a date idea is that you’ve got a wingman or wingwoman to help you out with the practical tasks and it gives you the opportunity to laugh together when the inevitable happens.

The naughty option

Try this Delia Smith recipe for a basic batter mix and spend your time attempting to flip pancakes and chatting instead of following a complicated recipe.

Just add lemon and sugar for a classic recipe or reach for chocolate spread, jam or syrup.

Pancake main

If you fancy going for the double – sweet and savoury – you can’t go wrong with a cheese based savoury dish. Try the following combinations:

  • Cheddar cheese and ham – sprinkle grated cheese and small pieces of ham onto the cooked pancake and heat until melted.
  • Spinach and ricotta – cook spinach until wilted, stir in the ricotta and a bit of nutmeg. For measurements click through to the recipe.
  • Bolognese pancake – roll bognese into pancakes, smoother in white sauce and bake in the oven. Click for the full recipe.

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