Profile Updates You Should Make

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014

Grey and black computer mouseWhether you’ve been online dating for weeks or months, it’s worth taking a regular look at your own profile to see if there are any updates that you can make to it. Here are some changes that you may wish to make…

Check the length

When it comes to your profile, length matters! Your profile should not be so short that it looks lazy or so long that people lose the will to carry on reading.

Often people start their profile with one line, followed by “I’ll fill this bit in later…” Now’s the time to fill it in a bit more so that you can attract more attention from possible matches online.

However, if you’re profile is a lot longer than 300 words, it’s worth thinking about what you can leave out. You want to leave something to talk about on your first date!

Check any reference to your age

The age on your profile will automatically update on your birthday. However, if your profile text says “I’m…years old” and you forget to update it, people may think you’re in denial about your age, or at least a bit forgetful.

Avoid seasonal references

If you’ve written something along the lines of “New Year, new attempt at online dating”, it’s a good idea to remove it. Adding a seasonal reference such as this can age your profile.

Make sure your photos show what you look like now

We’ve all got that one photo that just captures us as our best. It makes sense that you’d want to use that photo instead of others, but it’s important to use an up-to-date photo so that when it comes to meeting in person you are easily recognisable. Make sure that at least one of your photos represents your current hairstyle, build and dress sense.