6 Signs You’re Being Too Fussy

Tuesday, December 10th, 2013

Woman in glasses looking like she is telling people offWhen it comes to the perfect partner, we’ve all got an idea of what they’ll look like, sound like, listen to… but when it comes down to it the most important factor is compatibility. Opening up your search beyond an idealised checklist can help you to meet more people and to hopefully find your perfect match. After all, how many couples do you know who actually tick every box on each their respective wish lists?

So how do you know if your very specific searches are stopping you from finding Mr or Mrs Right or if it’s just a matter of being proactive?

You’re only looking for someone within 5 miles of where you live It can be tricky to find time to meet up with someone who lives further afield, but if you only look within 5 miles of your postcode, you’re bound to only find people who you already know. Remember that you can always meet in the middle and that a lot of people are willing to move when they meet the right person.

You’ve set the height criteria to within 2 inches – If you’re looking for a man who is between 6ft and 6ft2″ tall so that you can wear one particular pair of shoes and be have him be a few inches taller than you, then you are being way too picky! Try expanding your search by at least a few inches.

You won’t even consider dating a vegetarian if you’re a meat-eater, or an omnivore if you’re vegetarian – Believe it or not omnivores and vegetarians can live perfectly happily together without forcing their dietary choice upon their partner. Honestly, I’ve seen it happen! It will take more planning at meal times to create two different meals, but for the right person it’s worth making a compromise.

You’re dismissing anyone who hasn’t used used an apostrophe correctly You really don’t want to miss out on someone who is perfect for you because you’re not impressed by their use of grammar. If you can read what they’re trying to say, surely it’s possible to forgive a few mistakes?

You’ll only date someone with a ‘good’ job – Everyone’s definition of what a good job is differs; it could be that your partner’s wage is important to you or that you’d only like to date someone who works with their hands, but when it comes down to it, a person’s job doesn’t define them. In this day and age many people change careers throughout their lifetime and take different jobs as circumstances dictate.

You won’t date someone who lives with their parents – Again, life changes and people are forced to move in with their parents for a number of reasons. It may not mean that they can’t or don’t wish to live independently from their family.