5 Ways to Impress an Equestrian

Thursday, September 05th, 2013

Woman riding a horse over a small jumpAs well as being known as a leading farmer dating website, Muddy Matches is also regarded as a go-to website for equestrian dating. We realise that all horse lovers aren’t the same, but we’ve put together some advice for how to impress your equestrian date that should be universal.

  1. Show an interest in their horse – You don’t have to be Clare Balding to ask questions about your date’s horse, in fact you don’t even have to know what 15 hands means. Just ask questions based on your own level of understanding, as it will show that you are keen to get to know more about them.
  2. Plan a horsey date – Take a look at our country calendar to find a horsey event to take your date to. Your date might want to meet for a coffee instead, but it shows that you’ve made an effort to incorporate their hobby into your get-together.
  3. Don’t be afraid of the rain – You can’t be a horse lover and be afraid of a bit of rain, so if you’re looking to go on a date with a horsey person, try to avoid saying things like “we can’t meet up today as the rain will ruin my hair” or “I don’t fancy an outdoor date, I don’t own a raincoat”.
  4. Don’t get upset if your date is running a bit late – Horses, dogs, cats and small children all seem to have a knack of delaying you when you’re in a hurry. Leaving someone waiting for a long time without notice is not acceptable, but if your date is 5 minutes late don’t make a big deal about it.
  5. Don’t get jealous – Your date’s horse may be their first love, but there’s always room for romance!

Dating an equestrian is worth the effort; you’ll meet someone who is caring, doesn’t mind a bit of hard work, isn’t afraid of a bit of muck and who loves the great outdoors.