10 Ways to Secure a Second Date

Thursday, August 22nd, 2013

The ultimate aim of a first date is to get a second date and further dates beyond that. So how do go about making sure that you get a second date?

1. Be on time – Turning up on time is very important, after all it’s very disheartening having to stand and wait for your date for a long time.

2. Dress to impress – Try to wear the nicest clothes that you have to suit the type of date that you are going on. If you make an effort with what you wear, it will make your date feel special.

3. Listen – Listen carefully to what your date is saying and respond accordingly. Don’t make it look like you’re just waiting for your turn to speak.

4. Relax – Nerves are completely understandable and show that you care about making the right impression, but try to relax and enjoy your date. If you relax it will help to put your date at ease too.

5. Practice good manners – Put your phone away and preferably on silent.

6. Keep your body language open –Open body language means making eye contact, facing your date and not crossing your arms. While we’re talking body language; never, ever, tap your fingers on the table!

7. Keep on common ground – Discussing things that you have in common will help you to bond. Think about hobbies that your date has mentioned in their dating profile and talk about the ones that you both share.

8. Don’t come on too strong – A first date is the time to get to know each other in a fun way. Don’t talk about how you’re desperate to get married and have children or how you think they will change your life.

9. Say that you enjoyed your date Assuming that you did enjoy your date, a great way to end it is with a “thank you, I really enjoyed meeting you” followed by…

10. Suggest meeting up again soon – After saying how much you enjoyed your date, why not say “we should do this again”.