Men’s Guide to What to Wear on a Countryside Date

Friday, July 26th, 2013

A stack of coloured v neck jumpersGetting ready for a big date can be very nerve-wracking, and can lead you to question everything in your wardrobe. The main thing to remember is that you need to look like a well-dressed version of you. This is not the time to try a bold new look!

If you are looking for a perfect blend of muddy and townie, then check out our guide to dressing for your date.


Many women place huge emphasis on a man’s footwear choice when on a date, so it is important that you choose something that represents your country side in a smart way. Boots can be a good choice for your footwear, especially if they have a good design and are kept clean and tidy (not muddy from the farm or stables). These Dubarry Boots from Country First Direct are a great blend of comfort and style.

Brown leather mid height country boot


Jeans or chinos are a good option for a casual first date, and will go well with your new boots. Take your time finding trousers that have a good length, as well as a good fit, so you are comfortable as well as looking stylish. Think more along the lines of a Gap advert, than high-waisted, 70s throw-back Levi’s.

Mid blue men's jeans from Gap


A simple jumper will see you right, especially if it is lightweight and airy. In terms of colour the choice is yours, although I would try to stray away from green as this is a little clichéd for the country look. Size is also very important, as it is easy to stray into spray-on territory or to choose a size that drowns your torso.


Although you might only wear your jacket as you walk into the place you are meeting, it is still an essential part of the date night outfit. If you are meeting in the pub, you will need to hang it on the back of your chair, and if you decide to go for a stroll if the night is nice, you will want to wear something that is comfortable and cool, as well as fitting in with your overall look. Quilted jackets such as this Barbour Saddlemoor Quilted Jacket from Jules B are a smart, yet casual option for your date night.


There is nothing wrong with facial hair or with having a clean-cut look. Whether you go for the five o’clock shadow look, or the fully formed and kingly beard, be sure to keep things neat, clean and tidy.