Have You Ever Lied to Impress a Date?

Thursday, July 11th, 2013

Woman with her hands on her face looking embarrassedAccording to statistics, the most common lies that people tell on a dating site are about their height, weight and age. However, when you meet in person it’s pretty easy to tell whether someone is more cuddly than athletic and that bit less than 6ft tall.

So we asked people what lies they’ve told to impress someone that they fancy…


“If I tell men that I’m a police officer they can be really funny with me,” said Naimh “so I make up a job title that they won’t want to discuss, like saying I’m an assembly line packer”.


“I’ve pretended to be a vegetarian to impress a girl I fancied as she said she couldn’t date someone who ate meat,” said Charlie “but I used to sneak meat when I wasn’t around her and I think I ate more because of it”.


“I said that I really enjoyed fishing, but I’d never even held a fishing rod until Mike took me out with him” said Katie “luckily he thought it was quiet funny that I’d lied to impress him”.


“I told this girl that I lived with friends” said Luke “but when I invited her over she noticed all the baby pictures with me and my brother in them as well as the wedding photos of my mum and step-dad and clocked on to the fact it was my mum’s house”.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of lying to try to impress someone, but you will get caught. Small scale lies, like pretending to like rom-coms won’t lead to trouble in the long run, but if you’ve lied about something serious like your marital status it will mean that people will not be able to trust you.

Have you ever told a lie to impress a potential date? What’s the strangest lie someone has told to impress you? Let us know on the Facebook page.