Why Online Dating Leads to Successful Marriages

Tuesday, June 4th, 2013
Why Online Dating Leads to Successful Marriages

A study of nearly 20,000 married people has shown that marriages that were a result of meeting on an online dating site were 25% less likely to end in divorce than those who met in other ways such as at work or in a pub.

The survey also found that people who met online were happier than their counterparts, so what makes internet dating so successful?

You get to widen your net

With almost 6 million people signed up to online dating sites in the UK alone, there are a lot of people to choose from who you may not have met in any other way. Most people go to work and socialise in the same few places over and over again, meaning that they only meet a small number new people each year.

On dating sites you are likely to meet people who are outside of your usual social circle. On Muddy Matches, we’ve even received success stories from people who lived just a village apart who had never met before they joined the site, so internet dating doesn’t mean that you’ll only find people who live hundreds of miles away.

Common interests

With niche dating sites such as Muddy Matches you already know that you have something in common with the other members on the site and when it comes to love, a similar outlook on life is key to a long-term relationship.

On most dating sites, it is also possible to search for people by hobbies and interests, which is a great idea if you’re looking to meet someone who loves the same things as you do.


With online dating, people reveal important aspects of their life upfront, so there’s no need to go on lots of expensive dates before finding out that your date doesn’t share the same life plans as you do. For example, on Muddy Matches people can say whether they have children and if they would like to have children. People can also select what religion they are, which may be important in your choice of partner.

Ready for love

Another factor that makes dating sites like Muddy Matches the perfect place to meet your future husband or wife is that you know that the person is committed to the idea of finding love, after all there are other methods of finding a one-night stand. Dating websites with paid subscriptions in particular show that people are serious about meeting other like-minded people.

Give internet dating a chance and join Muddy Matches today.