What’s in a Username?

Tuesday, May 14th, 2013

‘Hotstuff69’ – be honest, what do you think when you see that username? People may think that ‘Hotstuff69’ is a sleazy person, or just an ordinary person looking for a bit of adult fun. Whatever you first thoughts, it’s not the best username if you are looking to meet someone for a committed relationship.

What are the options for choosing a username on an online dating site?

Use your real name

On Muddy Matches, you are only allowed to use your first name or an abbreviation of it, as we feel that it’s much more natural to write “Hi Claire”, than it is to write “Hi Pinkprincess”.  You can also use your real name on other sites, but be careful not to use your full name, as it will allow people to find you outside of the safety of the dating website.

Use a nickname

If everybody knows you by your nickname, it’s a good place to start. It’s also a good opening line for a message. “So why do people call you…” Try to steer away from disgusting or degrading nicknames though as it might put people off you from the start.

Use a descriptive name

If you were to sum yourself up in two words what would they be? A name like ‘BanterFarmer’ shows that you love a bit of banter and that being a farmer is a big part of your life.

Use your fantasy band name

Ever dreamt of being a rock star? If you have done, you’ve probably thought beyond the screaming fans and the world tours, to the sensible task of creating a band name. Just don’t go down the road of naming yourself or your imaginary band after the first two things that you see, as ‘Window Curtain’ is an awful band name.

Use a name related to your passion

In advertising, one method is to make the viewer feel clever, in that they can understand something that others can’t. If you’re a huge fan of a band, a TV show, a film, a car manufacturer… basing your username around it will attract other people who share your obsession.


•    Sexually explicit usernames, unless you are on that kind of site.
•    Names that make you sound desperate, like ‘Forever Alone’.
•    Bragging – e.g. ‘Mr Big Biceps’
•    Using your telephone number/Twitter name/Bebo name… in your username.