5 Reasons You Didn’t Get another Date

Friday, May 03rd, 2013

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If you’ve had a wonderful first date with someone that you met online it is a huge disappointment if they don’t want to go on another date. Here are five reasons why a second date might not be on the cards:

  1. There wasn’t a sparkNot wanting to meet someone again can be simply down to chemistry. We are programmed to like people who smell a certain way. So even if you find each other to be attractive on paper, there may not be an attraction when you meet. Don’t be disheartened, it doesn’t mean that your next date will feel the same way.
  2. They’re not ready to date anyone yetAfter a break-up it can take time to work out if you are ready to date again. A key sign that your date isn’t over their ex yet is if they mention their ex a lot in conversation without really thinking about it.
  3. You came on too strong – Flattery is a wonderful thing, but if you spend ages commenting on how gorgeous or wonderful your date is, it can come across as being a bit sleazy and might make them back off. The other way to come on too strong is to start planning your future together on your first date, especially if you mention how you’d love to be married and have babies by a certain age.
  4. You didn’t mind your mannersManners are very important to some people, so it’s important to be kind and considerate on your date. As a rule, don’t use any language in front of your date that you wouldn’t be comfortable using in front of your grandma. Don’t use your mobile phone and don’t talk at 100 miles an hour without giving your date a chance to speak.
  5. You seem different to your profileIf you have used old photos on your profile or told a few lies, your date will notice. Try to be as honest as possible in your profile and to use up-to-date photographs.