How ‘Muddy’ is Your Profile?

Wednesday, May 01st, 2013

Green wellies covered in mud in front of a hay baleDo you claim to be a horse lover, but not have a single picture of a horse on your profile? Or have you ticked every outdoor activity going without actually mentioning them in your profile? It’s time to see if your ‘muddy’ credentials are showing.

Find out how muddy you are

Take the How Muddy Are You? quiz to find out how ‘muddy’ you are. Lots of members also choose to comment in their profile about whether they think their ‘muddy’ rating is accurate or not. Don’t worry, we won’t get offended if you think you’re more or less ‘muddy’ than our quiz suggests.

Match your profile to your hobbies

If you found yourself ticking lots of hobbies and interests when filling in your profile, it suggests that you’re an active person who enjoys the great outdoors. However, if you’ve ticked every outdoor sport going, but then put in your profile that you like “going out or staying in” it doesn’t really support your claim. Choose a few of your favourite activities to talk about in your profile and explain how you’re involved in them. For example, are you a fair-weather cyclist or do you charge through puddles on your bike? Do you play for a sports team or love exploring the outdoors with your local rambling group?

Match your photos to what you say

It’s a fact of life that people usually get their cameras out when you’re at a wedding or a party, so it makes sense that lots of people only have photos on their profiles that have been taken indoors. It’s a good idea to add photos of you looking happy and relaxed at parties, but also try to include some ‘muddy boot’ photos where you are indulging in outdoor activities. In fact, why not get your friend to take a picture of you in your favourite mud-covered wellies to show just how muddy you are?

Thank you to Ian Calvert from The Social Piggy for explaining the importance of being consistent in your dating profile and photos.