Affordable Date Ideas

Friday, April 26th, 2013
A llama's head against a blue sky

Unfortunately money doesn’t grow on trees, so we’ve put together a guide for how to have a great date, without breaking the bank.

Go for lunch instead of dinner

Restaurants often offer lower prices for set menus during the day as it usually a quiet time for them. You can also get away with ordering less food at lunchtime, which cuts down on the cost of your date.

Cook rather than eat out

Although cooking at home isn’t recommended for a first date, it can be ideal for when you know your date a bit better. It’s much cheaper to cook at home than to go out for dinner and it shows that you are making an effort. If your culinary skills aren’t up to much, you could try our simple recipes to impress your date or head to the butchers for a ready made pie.

Free gigs

A lot of pubs and social clubs hold free gigs to encourage people to come stay for a few drinks. Take your date along and enjoy discovering the local talent. You never know, they might even go on to be the next big thing.

Bowls instead of bowling

Remember that bowls set or Frisbee that you’ve got hidden at the back of the cupboard? Take your new date to the park and have some fun and games instead of shelling out at the bowling alley.

Search for treasure

For the price of one cinema ticket, you could buy a treasure map of your local area and go exploring together on foot or by bike. You’ve even got the chance to win £1000.

Cheap ticket nights

A lot of venues offer cheaper tickets at quiet times. For example, you may find that matinees at the theatre are cheaper than evening showings. Cinemas are also cheaper off-peak and many offer special discounts on set nights, for example Orange Wednesdays.

Experience days

Discount websites such as Groupon, offer a range of interesting experience days for bargain prices such as llama walking or falconry. Your date is likely to overlook your thrifty ways if you wow them with a new experience.

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