First Date Conversation Topics

Friday, April 19th, 2013

Two cartoon rabbits in facing each other in front of the moon

You may have heard about all the no-go topics for a first date, but what are safe topics to talk about when you are getting to know each other?

Have you had a good day? – Simple, but effective, this question encourages your date to talk about what they have been up to and can be a good springboard for conversation.

Where you are – Ask you date if they’ve been to your chosen meeting spot before. If you meet in a café of a restaurant, you could talk about your favourite thing on the menu as a good ice-breaker.

What you do for a living – The most popular getting to know each other question in any situation is also good for your first date. Your date may have written about what they do for a living in their profile, but it’s still a safe topic of conversation that can lead you on to talking about other things.

Hobbies – Talking about your hobbies is a great way to see if your share similar interests, it’s also nice to see your date talking about something that they are passionate about.

Family – It may sound like a GCSE French question, but talking about a person’s family is a good way to get to know about their background.

Where did you grow up? – Whether they love or hate where they grew up, most people have something to say about their home town or village.

Music and films –Asking what their favourite films and albums are might lead to a few ‘umms’ or ‘I like all kinds of music’, but asking if they’re been to see any live music or any good films recently is always a winning topic.

What did you think of me from my profile? – When you meet with someone who you’ve met online, it’s not a good idea to spend half you date talking about online dating, but it’s interesting to know what impression your date had of you before meeting you. Also it’s very nice to hear the phrase “you look even better in person”.

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