How to Look Your Best in Photos

Thursday, April 18th, 2013

A man in sunglasses with a goatee beard posing in front of an orange curtainAdding a photo to your dating profile can drastically increase the amount of people who look at your profile and it will also make you more likely to appear on the first page of someone’s search. Here are some tips to get the most flattering photo, to show you at your best:

Don’t be frightened of the camera – Very few people enjoy having their photo taken, but the camera really can’t hurt you (unless you fall over it). If you’re thinking about how much you hate having your photo taken you might come across as surly in the photo.

Smile – Have you ever noticed how photographers at weddings sometimes tell jokes or make comments to get people laughing? That’s because laughing forces you to smile naturally instead of putting on a fake smile that makes you look like you are straining. A smile, even if it is forced will make you look friendly and approachable.

Blink before the photo – You might look bizarre for a few seconds, but concentrate on blinking just before your photo is taken, so that you don’t end up blinking during the photo.

Stand up straight –Good posture can make you look taller and thinner, enough said.

Pose like a pro – Remember the famous Angelina Jolie photo with her leg out that was spread around the internet, well as much as it was ridiculed, she definitely knows how to pose. The key to looking slimmer is to tilt your lower half slightly away from the camera and your upper half towards it with your hand on your hip. If you feel silly doing that, just go for a photo where you are turned slightly away from the camera.

Use good lighting – You don’t need to have a photographer’s studio to get good lighting in your photo. As a rule, try to take your photo in a well lit room or outdoors during the daytime. Avoid having the sun or another bright light directly behind you as this can make you to look washed out as the camera tries to correct the brightness.

Even if you are in a well-lit place, try the photo with a flash as with many cameras it can help to balance the lighting.

Fill the screen – Strike the balance between being so far away from the camera that you could be anyone and so close to the camera that people can see your pores. Aim to take up about 50% of the screen size, so that there is some background, but not too much.

Use a friend not a mirror – A lot of people use their phone or camera to take a picture of themself in the mirror. Although a photo like this is better than nothing it really isn’t flattering. Look for a photo that you already have taken by someone else (photos can usually be cropped) or ask a friend to take your photo.

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