5 Ways to Tell If You’re in a Relationship

Tuesday, April 02nd, 2013

Speech bubble with Are we a couple? written in itEvery time there’s a bank holiday, we receive lots of success stories, which got us thinking about how you know when you’ve moved from ‘seeing’ each other to being in a relationship. Here are 5 signs you’ve made the transition:

  1. When you have the talk – The most obvious way to tell that you are a proper couple is to have ‘the talk’, which basically consists of you discussing whether you are now exclusive or whether you are seeing other people as well. If you both agree that you are in a relationship, it’s a wonderfully exciting chat to have. However, be prepared for the other person to say that they thought you were “just dating”, or that they’d “like to take things slowly”.
  2. When you kiss in daylight without having had a drink – When you’re newly dating someone, you may sneak a cheeky snog at the end of the date in the cover of darkness or following a few glasses of Merlot. The switch comes when you’re happy to kiss your date in broad daylight when you know that someone you know might walk past at any minute.
  3. When your friend asks and you say “yes” – If your date and friends meet, there’s bound to be the question about whether you’re a couple. Even if you haven’t had the talk yet, you will be forced to decide if you are a couple or are just dating. Hopefully at this point your date will answer for you.
  4. You’re jealous when you see them talking to someone else – Unless you’re naturally a very jealous person, you will know if you’re in a relationship when you see another man or woman chatting up your date.
  5. You’ve both changed your Facebook status – In modern times Facebook has become the equivalent of wearing a commitment ring as you announce to your friends and family that you are a couple.

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