What Should I Wear on a First Date?

Friday, March 15th, 2013

Clothing on a clothes railWhen it comes to planning a first date, thinking about what to wear can be a worry, so here’s our basic guide to what to wear and what not to wear on a first date:

What to wear

Dress for the occasion – Having been to an outdoor laser shooting venue wearing ballet pumps I can tell you from experience that you should always find out whether you are going on an active date or not before deciding what to wear. Also if you’re going on a date where you’ll need to hire shoes, make sure you have a presentable pair of socks on or to hand.

Dress for the weather – Even if you think you’re going to be inside the whole time, take a jacket just in case you walk on to somewhere else.

Something comfortable – It might be tempting to wear your sexy fitted jeans, but if they’re so fitted that you spend half of your date breathing in, you won’t feel relaxed. It’s also a good idea to avoid a hair style that will have you poking and prodding at your head all night to check that it’s still in the right position.

Something tried and tested – Choose an outfit that you have worn before, but that you felt special in. Unless your date works in the fashion industry, they’ll be unlikely to spot if it’s a few years old.

Something that’s you – There’s no point dressing in the clothes that you think your date would like if you’re out of your comfort zone. It’s also a bad idea to slather on layers of make-up if you normally draw the line at a slick of mascara.

What to avoid

Exposing too much skin – This is mainly directed towards women, but men this goes for you if you’re considering wearing a vest. Think fitted, not skin-tight and don’t show too much cleavage (this goes for men too if you have a penchant for deep V-necks).

Fidgeting – Don’t wear jewellery that you’re going to twist and turn when you’re nervous. Unless a ring has particular sentimental value, leave it at home.

Unwashed clothes – Even if your date is a fellow farmer or equestrian, it’s never a good idea to turn up in clothes covered in mud and straw. In fact, even if you’re going on a walk in your wellies, give them a quick brush down first.

Rude slogans – Let your words do the talking, instead of your t-shirt. This might contradict the ‘be yourself’ point, but keep rude t-shirts for when you get to know someone a bit better (if you do like wearing them).

Socks and sandals – Socks and sandals regularly come up as a fashion no-no and they should be avoided on a first date too.

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