Top 10 Reasons to Date an Equestrian

Monday, February 25th, 2013

A brown horse in a fieldWhen it comes to dating an equestrian, there’s one thing that horse-lovers and lovers of horsey people agree on – that horses comes first! However, if you don’t mind coming second to your date’s four-legged friend there are many good things about dating an equestrian.

With thanks to the winners of our equestrian dating competition, here are 10 reasons why it’s great to date a horse lover:

  1. Riding together –“The best thing is being able to ride out together and have romantic horse rides along beaches.” Claire from the Scottish Borders.
  2. Sharing a win – “The best thing is being around when everything has gone well at an event, with the horse and rider on great form and in a happy mood.” Rob from Kent.
  3. Enjoying events – “Horsey people are much more likely to be a racing or point-to-point fan (something of a biggie for me) and probably not bothered about spending hours outside.” Neil from Buckinghamshire.
  4. Natural beauty – “Make-up and perfect hair doesn’t go with horses, which means you get to know the real person pretty quickly.” Maisie from Hampshire.
  5. Hard-working – “We’re not afraid of hard work.” Helen from West Yorkshire.
  6. Good fun – Horsey people are “normally bubbly and up for a laugh”. Sam from Cumbria.
  7. Exploring– “The best thing about dating a horse-lover is getting to know the UK much better, by travelling miles to shows, gymkhanas, events and tack sales.” Rory from Kent.
  8. Jodhpurs – “The best thing about dating an equestrian lady is the men love us in our jods.” Louise from Devon.
  9. Muddiness – Equestrians “will understand your muddiness and your slightly smelly car”. Felicity from Hampshire.
  10. Healthy – “We tend to have good core strength and we have good immune systems because we think nothing of eating a sandwich after poo picking or cleaning a mug with the horses sponge for a cup of coffee (it’s funny but it’s so true)!” Andrea from Lincolnshire.

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