How to Meet Single Farmers – Part II

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

Combine harvester to show farmer datingOne of the top ways that people are referred to Muddy is by searching for ‘Farmer Wants a Wife’.  If you’re looking to meet a farmer yourself, Muddy Matches is a great way to search for single farmers or to meet like-minded people who are from a farming background.

In our ‘How to Meet Singles Farmers’ post we discussed some other ways to meet your farmer match and here are a few more suggestions:

Farming shows

For sheer numbers of single farmers, you can’t beat the LAMMA show in Nottinghamshire, but be warned; most of the farmers at the show are only after one thing –machinery. Professional shows such as LAMMA, Cereals and the Beef Expo are fantastic ways to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in the farming industry, but generally they aren’t the best shows for flirting.

For a more laid-back feel, country shows are a great way to meet new people. Head to the food and drink tents to strike up a conversation about your shared love of real cider or local sausages. Another technique to win over a farmer is to compliment their prize winning dog/sheep/cow… but don’t get in the way during judging, or a business deal as you won’t be very popular!

Check out our country calendar for details of country shows, held across the UK and Ireland. We’ve even got a ‘Who’s Going?’ page, so that you can arrange to meet up with people at some of the larger events.

Through study

With thousands of people, all interested in farming, agricultural college is a good place to start if you’re looking to date a farmer or to meet other single country-minded people. If you’re off to agricultural college this year make sure that you get make the most of the social aspect of student life by joining clubs and talking to lots of new people.


At this time of year, our country calendar is packed full of point-to-points, which often attract single farmers and other country lovers. If you’re a keen horse rider, it’s a good way to meet fellow equestrians as well, as you discuss the course and have a pre-race picnic. If you don’t ride, there is a strong social aspect to the meets and, unlike formal events, you don’t need to wear a suit to be a spectator.

Farmer wants a wife

Unfortunately Farmer Wants a Wife or The Farmer Wants a Wife (depending on which series you watched) isn’t billed for another series, but there’s always First Time Farmers on Channel 4, if you are looking to admire single farmers.