Top 10 Funny Dislikes

Friday, December 21st, 2012

Two butterflies

There’s no denying the fact that there are thousands of well-written, inspiring and humorous profiles on Muddy Matches, so over the next few weeks I’m going to be taking a look through them and sharing with you the things that make me smile.

This week’s list is inspired by a blog post entitled 21 British People Problems (sic) which, as the name suggests, pokes fun at silly things that British people worry about.

I’ve steered clear of the serious dislikes in people’s profiles and found some of the seemingly trivial dislikes that can help you to gauge how much you have in common with someone. After all, you don’t want to get together with someone who hates reality TV programmes if you’re desperate to appear on the X-Factor.

So here they are…

  1. “I can’t stand celery” – This seemingly inoffensive vegetable is a surprisingly popular dislike on member’s profiles. I don’t know if it’s the texture or the strong taste, but it’s probably best avoided if you’re rustling up a romantic meal for your new date.
  2. “Big chunks of onion in a stew” – Another foodie one, but this one is pretty much unique. It’s also easily avoided with some good knife skills.
  3. “People holding their knife like a pencil!” – Falling into the poor knife skills category, if you date the Muddy Matches member who lists this among their dislikes, be wary of your table manners.
  4. “People who are scared of dogs” Muddy Matches is a great dating site if you want to meet dog lovers and if you date a dog-lover it’s a really good idea to like dogs. However, not all members are dog-lovers, so there’s something for everyone.
  5. “Butterflies” For one or two of our members, a trip to a butterfly sanctuary would be a dreadful date idea. While a large number of our members list spiders among their dislikes, butterflies don’t even make it into our top 10 most common dislikes.
  6. “People sniffing” If you want to annoy people at the cinema and have become tired of noisily munching on nachos, you could always turn to sniffing. You’ll also be sure to be handed a tissue by one Muddy Matches member.
  7. “Kidney in pies” – I’m imagining that this is a throwback from school dinners. In fact offal in its various forms features rather a lot in people’s dislikes.
  8. “People who pick up their dog waste in a bag when they are in a field then throw the bag in the hedge” It’s rather specific, but who can disagree with this common sense dislike?
  9. “Nightclubs where men line up round the dance floor – put overalls and flatcaps on them and you may as well be standing at a cattle ring on market day!” This one just made me giggle, but nightclubs are one of the most commonly listed dislikes on Muddy Matches.
  10. Charades – Not everyone likes to make a fool of themselves at Christmas, so spare a thought for those who name it as one of their pet hates.

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