Text Message Etiquette

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012
Text Message Etiquette

It has been 20 years since the first text message was sent through a mobile phone, which simply said ‘Merry Christmas’. Since then, the text message has flourished and has become a useful tool in the dating toolbox.

Here’s a few things to consider when adding text messaging to your dating repertoire:

Don’t give your number out straight away – If you’re chatting to someone via a dating site such as Muddy Matches make sure that you get to know them properly through the messaging service on the website before giving out your phone number. Dating websites like Muddy Matches allow you to contact people without giving away your private contact details, so are the safest way to contact someone.

Don’t become pen-pals – When you do start to send messages to someone, remember that the aim of the game when it comes to online dating is to meet up with your date. Make sure that you use the messages as a means to meeting up or in addition to meeting up.

Follow the 1:1 rules –For every message that you receive only send one back. If you find that you are sending lots of text messages without getting a reply, put the phone down and be patient!

Reply within good time – Although it’s never a good idea to overload your date with messages, it is a good idea to reply to them within a sensible amount of time. Generally people expect to receive a message within 24hrs of sending one. They don’t take long too write and you can usually get enough signal to send text messages even in remote areas, so there’s no excuse not to send a message back.

Avoid excessive text speak – When you do reply to a message, consider the how you word it. If you find that your message reads a bit like this: ‘HLA HRU wnt b bk tl 7 cu l8r *W*’, your date might need to enlist a teenager to help them to interpret it. Stick to commonly used abbreviations to avoid confusion.

Don’t send drunken messages– Another way to cause confusion is to send drunken text messages. During the festive season alcohol is more readily available and people who don’t usually indulge may find themselves agreeing to ‘just one more glass’. If you’re a little bit sozzled, step away from the phone and don’t even consider drunk texting your new date.

Be careful about humour – One of the problems with text messages is that it is hard to convey tone, so it’s a good idea to avoid sarcasm or anything that could be interpreted as rude.

So in summary; be safe, be polite and try to be clear about what you are saying.

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