Romantic Walks in the UK and Ireland

Friday, November 02nd, 2012

A shadow of a man and a woman cast upon grass and rocksHere at Muddy Matches we love nothing more than getting out and about in the countryside. So here are some of our favourite walks that would be perfect for an outdoor date.

Jo’s favourite walk

“My favourite walks would definitely be up in the Peak District as my husband and I have spent many happy times up in Derbyshire.  It’s very difficult to narrow down my most favourite walk but I think it would have to be around the Castleton and Mam Tor area as we have spent some wonderful times together walking up on the hills and also around the caves. It’s great to spend a day wandering without a care in the world and then dropping into one of the pubs to sit by the log fire and have a few drinks and something to eat!  It’s a great place to be at any time of the year but especially in the autumn and winter.

On par with the Peak District would really have to be the Lakes and walking around the Hellvelyn and Ullswater area – the most beautiful scenery and views at any time of the year and some really great food pubs!”

Heather’s favourite walk

“The most romantic place I have ever been to is Killarney National Park in County Kerry. Even though it is a major tourist destination, you can still find quiet areas to hide away and to gaze out across the beautiful Muckross Lake. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous you can even climb the McGillycuddy’s Reeks. I’ve only ever seen the park in the pouring rain (in spite of visiting a few times in the height of summer), but even then it is breathtakingly gorgeous, so I can only imagine what it looks like when there is sunshine.

If you want a classically romantic experience you can catch a horse-drawn carriage from Muckross House and take a boat tour across the lake.

Having grown up near the south coast, I can also recommend the New Forest in the springtime when the bluebells are out, as they look so magical (or something less hippy sounding). It’s also great if you love ponies as they roam around everywhere and don’t seem to be afraid of humans.”

Emma’s favourite walk

“My ideal romantic walk would be at a time of year like now when it can be cold but bright, somewhere in the deepest darkest countryside and then end the day in a warm country pub. Like Jo, I would head to Derbyshire, because it isn’t too far to escape for a weekend away and you can always discover something new.”

Morven’s favourite walk

“I love Munro Bagging and chasing rabbits up in Scotland, as it’s so peaceful and I encounter lots of other animals. However, I also like busy areas, where I can get lots of attention from passers-by (as I love having my belly stroked). My friend Urban Gundog sends me lots of lovely photos of his walks in the Chilterns, so I’d like to head down there too and join him on a romantic walk in the moonlight.”

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